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The FoamOh Daybed

PLEASE NOTE: The Headboard is NOT included! The Daybed is the longer sidepiece. Headboards are sold separately HERE (in Twin/XL or Queen) and can match your daybed with free personalization! 

NEW! Click Here for the Daybed/Headboard Combo in Queen! 

And Here for the Daybed/Headboard Combo in Twin/XL!


Fall headboard over heels with our daybeds. You get all of the joy – that comfortable something to lean on while in bed – with none of the headaches! 

Headboards are known to be beautiful, bulky, and expensive. At FoamOh, we kept the beautiful and removed the bulky and expensive. Our Daybed is made from high-quality foam with a fabulous, customizable fabric covering.

Our Daybed ships in a box that’s easily carried anywhere you need a headboard or daybed. Simply open the box. Remove the headboard and watch it expand. Attach the included 3M strip, peel off liner, place on your wall, and apply pressure. A quick and easy way to add comfort and style to your bedroom, apartment, or dorm room.

Our Daybed comes in a one size fits all. Choose a standard headboard appearance, a standard daybed appearance, or combine the two and enjoy the best of both worlds. The removable and easy-to-clean slipcover provides endless opportunities to customize and personalize.  Choose from several popular designs and colors.

Sit back and relax. The fun, affordable, no assembly needed headboard is here. 

Guaranteed Delivery by Christmas!

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How It Works

The Worlds 1st Play Castle Sofa!

15 building pieces that will transform any room into the castle of your dreams. Speaking of dreams…  cleanup takes just a few minutes because all the pieces become stackable squares or a comfy play sofa.

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