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A New Fun Frontier!

We could NOT be more excited to introduce the World's First Foam CASTLE Sofa!

It's 14 pieces of pure, unadulterated fun that will transform any playroom, bedroom, or living area into a magical realm of adventure and excitement!!

  • Made for Play - Finally, furniture that's designed to be played with! The FoamOh Play Castle Sofa lets kids build and create their own imaginative worlds, unlocking endless possibilities for adventure and fun.

Microsuede and Beyond...

  • High-Quality Materials - The FoamOh Play Castle Sofa is made from premium foam and covered in durable, washable microsuede fabric. This means it's built to last and can withstand even the most rambunctious playtime sessions.

  • Endless Configurations - With 14 pieces that can be removed, placed, and balanced in a variety of ways, the FoamOh Play Castle Sofa offers limitless potential for creativity and exploration. Kids can build towering castles, secret hideouts, and anything else their imagination can dream up!

More Pieces = More Fun (for everyone...)

  • Comfortable for All Ages - Not only is the FoamOh Play Castle Sofa built for play, but it's also incredibly comfortable! Parents will love lounging on it just as much as their kids, making it the perfect addition to any family room or play area.

TransFOAM playtime into an epic adventure with the FoamOh Castle Sofa - the world's first play castle sofa! Order yours today and watch as your child's imagination takes flight! 

OH! And guess what? The Castle can ALSO be made into a traditional sofa! We know right?! 

Included Pieces: 

Four (4) Half-Moons

Two (2) Arches

Two (2) Triangle Wedges

Two (2) Squares

Four (4) Rectangles

One (1) Personalizable Pillow

Thank you for being a part of the Foam-Oh! Family, we wish you endless fun with your family now and forever ❤️

Hector, Lisa and Jeff

It's TransFOAMational!