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Castle Sofa Extra Cover Set

New Low Price!

Want to change up the look of your Castle Sofa, or just want to always have a clean set available? We got you! 

The Castle Sofa Cover Set comes with a cover for each piece of your original castle sofa: 

Four (4) Half-Moons

Two (2) Arches

Two (2) Triangle Wedges

Two (2) Squares

Four (4) Rectangles

One (1) Personalizable Pillow

You can choose to personalize the pillow case free of charge or get it without!  

This product is SOLD OUT.

See how your personalization will look

For name, limited to a maximum of 9 letters
For monogram, enter in this order (first, LAST NAME, middle) limit 3 letters

How It Works

The Castle Sofa!

INTRODUCING the World's FIRST Play Castle Sofa!! 

It's 14 pieces of pure, unadulterated fun that will transform any playroom, bedroom, or living area into a magical realm of adventure and excitement!!

Oh! And cleanup takes 5 minutes because all the pieces ultimately become stackable squares!

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