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FoamOh Play Sofa

Finally there’s furniture that’s made for play! With the FoamOh Play Sofa, kids can unlock adventure and build whatever their imagination desires.

A fort in the middle of the woods, a rocket ship to the moon, a castle in the clouds, rocks poking out of a lava carpet…the possibilities are endless. 

Just watch out for parents that realize this is incredibly comfortable and are going to try and use this themselves!

The 7-piece FoamOh Play Sofa is made from high-quality foam covered in durable, zipper removable, washable fabric that’s meant to be played with over and over again.

There are 7 total pieces included:

  • The solid bottom base (1)
  • Foldable cushion (1)
  • Two (2) triangle back pillows
  • Two (2) rectangle arm rests
  • Personalized pillow (1)
Each piece can be placed or balanced in endless configurations. And when the playing is done, they can quickly and easily be reassembled to a couch for some quiet time, reading, or napping. Adventure abounds with the Play Sofa's fun, transfoamational furniture. 
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How It Works

The Castle Sofa!

INTRODUCING the World's FIRST Play Castle Sofa!! 

It's 14 pieces of pure, unadulterated fun that will transform any playroom, bedroom, or living area into a magical realm of adventure and excitement!!

Oh! And cleanup takes 5 minutes because all the pieces ultimately become stackable squares!

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