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FoamOh Headboard/Daybed TwinXL Combo

New Low Price!

Get the Combination FoamOh Headboard & Daybed in One and Save

If purchased separately, the Twin XL Headboard and Daybed is $278. The combo price is just $250.20! 

As always, don't forget to Choose your favorite color and Personalize the Headboard with initials or a name! 

Don't need both? The Foam Headboard and Daybed ARE also sold separately. 

This product is SOLD OUT.

See how your personalization will look

For name, limited to a maximum of 9 letters
For monogram, enter in this order (first, LAST NAME, middle) limit 3 letters

How It Works

The Castle Sofa!

INTRODUCING the World's FIRST Play Castle Sofa!! 

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